Inspiring all God’s children

At East Claydon we strive to live our Christian values every day, putting our children’s well-being at the heart of everything we do. Through personalised and immersive learning, we nurture curiosity, creativity and emotional resilience whilst inspiring every child to excel. Here everyone will be supported to fulfil their dreams, whilst learning to value each other, our community and all of God’s creation.


I am very proud to be taking on the interim role of Headteacher at East Claydon C of E School.

The governors are seeking to appoint a substantive headteacher in the near future but until then I will be at the helm.

As I write this message the country is currently in lockdown and schools are closed for the majority of pupils but providing care for those whose parents are critical workers.

I hope that in a while this will change and we will all be able to enjoy the opportunities which East Claydon School has to offer.

There is a strong and supportive team at the school who will continue to oversee the day to day running, but should there be any specific issues that you would like to bring to my attention please contact me via email

I hope in due course the school will be up and running and I will be able to meet you face to face.

Many thanks,

Cathy Gouldstone
Executive Headteacher
North Marston C of E School and East Claydon C of E School
Tel: 01296 712765
Email: or


The school is currently closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak.
Should you require childcare and are a key worker or are vulnerable, the school has the capacity to partially open to provide this support. Please contact the school office by email.

If you would like any further information or a paper copy of the content on this website please contact us using the details above.