Flying high at Aerial Extreme

Children in the Doves class did a fantastic job at Aerial Extreme last week. We all arrived at the high ropes course in Willen Lake in the morning to gasp in awe at the variety of obstacles high up in the trees. Some of us, including the teachers, were a little bit worried about tackling the wobbly ones but with a lot of help and encouragement from each other, we all faced our fears and got around the course.

Everyone was keen for more, so we all headed up to a 15m high platform to jump off it and auto-descend to the floor below. Team working challenges after lunch included the wobbly pole up to the leap of faith and a 12m high climbing wall. The children were extraordinary and learnt about their own emotional resilience and how to work together to achieve challenging tasks. Their writing afterwards has certainly shown the impact that this has had on their learning as well – congratulations Doves!