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Darwin’s Delights

On Wednesday 13th December, the Golden Eagles went to the Green Dragon Eco-Farm to volunteer their services to build them a new bug hotel. As part of their expeditionary work on Darwin’s Delights, they have been learning all about the world around them and how living things have adapted and evolved to survive in their environments. The class decided to support some of our smallest creatures by building them a brand new hotel with community support from the experts at Green Dragon Eco-Farm. The hotel is situated in the pumpkin patch for all to see and welcomes all creepy-crawlies!

East Claydon C of E School are ‘Thinking of Yves’ …with shoes

A friend of the school, Alexandra Verney,  is part of a network of individuals who, as a community, identify as ‘TOY’, which stands for ‘Thinking of Yves’. Yves was the son of Monique and Max Burger who brought this network together after his unexpected passing in 2011. At TOY, we have learnt that it is very important to cherish every moment of growing up and, since its inception, instead of lingering on the negative aspects of sad events in our lives, this group does things that matter. TOY has since grown into a community that is dedicated to doing things that matter in Yves’ name and, in such actions, keep his memory alive. We work and collaborate to create meaningful projects all over the world to help others. Today, Monique and Max have expanded the meaning of TOY to ‘Thinking of You’ and encourage everyone to do good for others in the name of the loved ones they too have lost.

Alexandra was deeply moved on discovering Sal’s Shoes and the work they do to redistribute outgrown though not outworn shoes to those who cannot afford them. There are 300 million children in the world for whom walking with shoes is a rarity. This makes them extremely vulnerable to infection by parasites and injuries that are almost always left untreated.

Utilising the TOY network as well as so many wonderfully generous others, she is delighted to share that they have given 1,805 pairs of pre-loved shoes another chance to splash in puddles and kick up leaves on a new pair of feet. The first batch will be heading to the Ukraine at the end of this month in time for winter.

Sal’s Shoes sends pre-loved outgrown though not outworn shoes to 43 countries world wide, but their passage does not come for free. They ask for a minimum donation of £1 per pair so they are equally delighted to have raised £1,815 to speed all of the shoes on their way.

As a personal touch, they attached to every pair a personal keyring and letter that recipients can cherish long after they too have grown out of the shoes they have received from Sal’s. Special thanks are due to Mount Street Printers who kindly printed the keyring inserts for free as well as Strutt & Parker who printed our letters for us.

Special mention must also be given to Gayhurst School who donated over 550 pairs of shoes and equal funding to ship them. Equally, East Claydon C of E School has wholeheartedly supported our cause as has numerous other schools, parent networks, National Trust volunteers and other generous individuals across the country.

Alexandra should highlight that Monique, on learning of their plan to support Sal’s Shoes, donated a very special pair of boots – Yves’ very first pair. CJ, founder of Sal’s Shoes, who joined us on Saturday with her son Sal and daughter Clemie, will personally take this pair out to Africa on one of her next trips out there in the New Year and will send photos of the next child to have the benefit of wearing them.

Alexandra would like to thank Buckinghamshire Family Centres who supported them during their celebrations and final count on Saturday. They came armed with wonderful craft activities which kept all attending children happily engaged all morning and were so kind to care for and encourage children during their play. She hopes to welcome Buckinghamshire Family Centres every Wednesday morning for more free craft sessions for young children and she will be sure to let you know when this is up and running.

Below is a snap shot from Saturday 2nd November showing some of the many fantastic people who have helped gather, clean, and bind together all of the shoes they have collected since July – they needed 70 bags in total to fit them all in!

For more information see: and

Alexandra Verney

We have been awarded the Silver Kitemark Award for PE

At the end of the summer term, we were awarded a Silver Kitemark Award for our PE at East Claydon C of E School. Thank you to all parents who supported their children with all events, competitions, sports day and extra-curricular activities. We are so proud of this achievement so thank you!

This year, we need to aim for the same award, if not better! To kick it off, let’s collect some Aldi stickers to give us the chance of winning £20,000 for the school and some sportswear for the children. Everytime you spend £30, you will be awarded a sticker which we’ll be collecting at school. Don’t forget to ask your family and Friends too.
Please drop them off at the school office.

East Claydon C of E School children visit a music studio

The Woodpeckers had a fantastic time at the XYZ Music Academy on Friday 15th March. The day started off with a tour of the studios where the children were in awe of the amazing building – doors weighing 100 or even 200kg to keep them soundproof and even bullet-proof windows to help with the sound. After a quick tour, the children got down to business – how to work in music, help with the engineering of microphones and learning about the science behind music. Two workshops ran simultaneously where children learnt how to set up microphone stands and place them correctly around drum kits and wire them into the sound system which snakes through the whole building. The other workshop went through how different microphones are used for different sounds – their scientific knowledge helped them understand all of this.

After this, the children learnt how to mix music, using technology to alter music and make it sound its best. They also had a look at sound effects and how all sounds we see/hear on television are probably fake! Wind wouldn’t actually be wind but the recording of fans inside!

Following the workshops, we were joined by the Swallows. All children in the Woodpeckers recorded two songs that they had chosen and had been rehearsing in school – ‘Come Alive’ from The Greatest Showman and ‘Believer’ by Imagine Dragons. The children sang their hearts out several times to give the best performance. Some children even delivered solos which will be mixed into the final recording. The Swallows recorded a very upbeat version of ‘Uptown Funk’ by Bruno Mars which will be accompanied by a lovely dance. We have left all of our recordings in the capable hands of Duncan and Connor to polish our work and make it ready for the school concert on the 28th March.


Planning permission consultation for the car park is now open

We have now made a planning application for development of our much-needed car park for the school. Thank you to everyone who signed our letter of support. We will be scanning this and sending it to our case officer. However, personal positive comments submitted online will add more weight to our case. Please can you spare the time to follow the link below and add a comment to the application. The deadline for comments and consultation is 25th February. online- applications/ =summary&keyVal=PLSP4LCLL2V00

Thank you for your support.