Our admissions policy was reviewed and updated for September 2022 Admissions. We are a Church of England Voluntary Aided School but this does not affect our admissions policy. Families of all faiths and none are equally welcome and we have no clause with regard to practising church-goers in our admissions procedures. 

Although the Governing Body of the school, not Buckinghamshire Local Authority (the LA), is responsible for deciding on admissions to the school, it does work closely with the LA who handles the Early Years admissions intake.  The detailed admission criteria for East Claydon Church of England Primary School is set out in our admissions policy.

Admission to the school during the school year depends on whether or not there are places available. All year groups at the school have 15 places. The school has voluntary co-ordination arrangements with Bucks County Council therefore all applications for in year places must be made to Bucks County Council.

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Admissions Policy September 2023

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Admissions Policy September 2022

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Admissions Policy September 2021
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The school received 34 applications in total expressing a preference for admission to the Reception Year in 2021 by the closing date in January 2021. These places were coordinated by  BCC and places where offered to 15 children, the final place being offered against criterion 8.

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School Admissions Appeal Timetable



Primary National Offer Day applications (those received on time)

Tuesday 19 April

Deadline for first round appeals

Tuesday 17 May

Appeals will be heard

(Must be heard within 40 school days of the deadline to lodge appeal [1])

Between Friday 17 June and Tuesday 19 July


Applicants must be given 20 school days to return and lodge their appeal.  Within 40 of that date, their appeal will be heard.

Applications for in-year admissions [2], Parents must be notified of the result of their application in writing within 15 school days, but schools should aim to do so within 10 school days.

[1] School Appeals Code 2012 2.3cii
[2] An application is an ‘in-year’ application if it is for the admission of a child to a relevant age group and it is submitted on or after the first day of the first school term of the admission year, or it is for the admission of a child to an age group other than a relevant age group.