Charity status

In June 2016, Friends officially received Charity Status – Registered Charity number 1167901Trustees are Rachel Seago (ex-parent and Co-Chair), Harriet Dench (Co-Chair), Nicola Abrams (Co-Secretary), Aimee Dobvenko (Co-Secretary), David Brandon (Treasurer). 

The benefits of registering as a charity include:

  • exemption from the payment of income and corporation tax
  • eligibility to receive charitable donations from local and national companies
  • eligibility to apply to grant-making charitable trusts, statutory and lottery funding organisations
  • eligibility for payroll giving and company matched giving schemes
  • eligibility to apply for Gift Aid
  • promotes the message that your FOECS is working for the benefit of others
  • establishes a clear set of rules by which our FOECS operates.

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