Junior Governors

What are Junior Governors?

Junior Governors are a group of pupils who are elected to represent the views of all children in the school. They work hard to improve the school and ensure it's the best it can be.  Some of the topics we discuss include reviewing teaching and learning, suggesting ideas for future projects, looking at budget spend and improving road safety.

Junior Governors will be responsible for carrying out the ideas that have been agreed, meeting with teachers and governors, and helping to order equipment and plan new initiatives.

Junior Governors also have responsibility for communicating their ideas with the whole school through assemblies, meetings with teachers and posting a copy of the minutes on the school website.

Our Junior Governors play a vital role in improving the school and communicating all children’s views to the teachers and governors.

How can your child become a Junior Governor?

At the beginning of each year the children find out about governance during assembly time and elections for Junior Governors then take place. Two children from each year group are voted in, giving us a total of 12 Junior Governors across the school.

How can you spot a Junior Governor?

All Junior Governors are given a special badge and would be happy to help you if you have any questions about what they do.