Our school

Children join the School in their Reception Year ie in the September after their fourth birthday. We take a maximum of 15 children into our Reception class, with some coming from our local villages and others joining us from as far afield as Aylesbury, Buckingham and Milton Keynes. 

Currently we take children from Reception to Year 5. In 2017 we consulted to extend our age range up to Year 6 and therefore become a full primary school. In September 2017 our Year 2 children became our first Year 3s and now they have continued up the school to Year 5. Our expansion will be organic, growing in line with our oldest children up to 2020 when we will go all the way to Year 6. 

As we only have a maximum of 15 children per year group, we combine two year groups into a single class. This means that we have a combined Year 1 and 2 class and a combined Year 3 and 4 class. In 2019/20 our Year 5s are being taught as a single year group. In September 2020 this will evolve into our first combined Year 5/6 class. We believe that mixed age classes provide a fantastic opportunity for learning in all year groups and can be used to: 

  • Personalise learning more effectively due to the focus on skills progression throughout. 
  • Facilitate reciprocal teaching ie pupils teaching each other in different disciplines and therefore embedding their own knowledge still further; 
  • Provide both support and challenge for all children. 

Our school will expand as follows:

2018/19                Reception to Year 4
2019/20                Reception to Year 5
2020/21                Reception to Year 6 

Our combination of excellent teaching staff and experienced and effective TAs provides outstanding classroom practice to support learning and provide memorable school experiences for our children. 

By joining East Claydon Church of England School, children benefit from: 

  • A small and close-knit community, where everyone knows how to help each child achieve their potential; 
  • A personalised ethos, providing every child with the right balance of support and challenge; 
  • A beautiful environment, inside and out, that facilitates learning and provides a great place to learn; 
  • An immersive curriculum that makes links explicit between different areas of learning so that children can master the application of new skills as well as their initial acquisition;
    Curriculum enrichment opportunities through a combination of trips, expert visitors, community involvement and long-term projects; 
  • Development of their wider 21st Century skill set through weekly Forest School afternoons; and 
  • Getting involved with the leadership of the school through two Junior Governor committees that mirror Senior Governor positions. 

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday:
8:30am drop off, 8:40am bell goes, 8:45am learning starts
3:10pm pick up for Reception and KS1 (Yr 1&2),
3:15pm pick up for KS2 (Yr 3&4)

After school clubs available