Ethos and values

“Our school is a safe, caring, stimulating and challenging environment where the effort and achievements of every single child is celebrated and valued. We believe that our learners should develop their potential to have a strong foundation for life in an ever-changing world.”

To ensure our children become active and responsible citizens of our global village, we provide:

  • A stimulating and creative ‘Expeditionary Learning’ curriculum, so that our pupils will be adventurous and self-motivated learners, with a positive attitude to learning, life and school.
  • Rigorous teaching of Literacy and Mathematics, along with individual assessment and tracking of progress, to ensure all children can succeed throughout all curriculum areas and achieve their full potential.
  • Weekly Forest School afternoons, where children learn about their natural environment, assess and manage risks and most importantly to use their own initiative to solve problems and cooperate with others – vital skills in today’s world!

Our school values are simple and can be easily understood by children of all ages. They are:

  • To work hard – at East Claydon we believe that every child can succeed. All it takes is grit and determination, and this is what we reward. If you can persevere and keep going in the face of difficulty and failure, the world is your oyster!
  • To be kind – as a Church of England School we have turned Jesus’s guidance of loving others as ourselves into a simple goal of being kind to each other. We want to nurture empathy in our children so that they can become globally responsible citizens of the future.

To help us achieve these goals, we:

  • work in close partnership with parents from the very start of their children’s life at school;
  • work closely together as a staff so that we can meet the individual learning needs of each child every day;
  • plan cohesive half-termly expeditions together so that children of all ages can share their initial excitement, learn together and celebrate their achievements as a collaborative team;
  • value the learning opportunities and impact afforded by blurring the line between school and the outside world;
  • believe in the power of the outdoors as a perfect environment for learning 21st Century skills;
  • appreciate each child as a whole person and not just as a sum of their test results; and
  • value all aspects of learning and endeavour, from the artistic to the literary, from the musical to the mathematical, from scientific questioning to engineering feats. All children have their strengths and it is up to us to foster and develop these into passions for life.