Ethos and values

“At East Claydon we strive to live our Christian values every day, putting our children’s wellbeing at the heart of everything we do. Through personalised and immersive learning, we nurture curiosity, creativity and emotional resilience whilst inspiring every child to excel. Here everyone will be supported to fulfil their dreams, whilst learning to value each other and all of God’s creation.”

At East Claydon we all subscribe to these core Christian values. They underpin everything we do as a community and define how we build our relationships across the School. 

We know that fulfilling our goals requires passion and COMMITMENT– to our dreams, to ourselves and to each other. We enjoy persevering with new challenges and will not give up when the going gets tough. We build emotional resilience by embracing failure and using it as a powerful driver for learning. 

 We value the importance of LOVE and laughter in our day-to-day lives. We will do our best to love ourselves and from this we can reach outward to love our family, friends and our community. We cannot succeed by ourselves. We will be kind and considerate to those around us and around the world – developing empathy and compassion so that we are always contributing to our community and empowering those around us. 

We treat each other with RESPECT and integrity, developing strong relationships built on mutual trust and honesty. We will support each other as we collaborate on new challenges and move forwards as a strong team. Together we can achieve anything! 

 To help us achieve our vision and live our values, we: 

  • work in close partnership with parents from the very start of their children’s life at school; 
  • work closely together as a staff so that we can meet the individual learning needs of each child every day; 
  • plan cohesive half-termly expeditions together so that children of all ages can share their initial excitement, learn together and celebrate their achievements as a collaborative team; 
  • value the learning opportunities and impact afforded by blurring the line between school and the outside world; 
  • believe in the power of the outdoors as a perfect environment for learning 21st Century skills; 
  • appreciate each child as a whole person and not just as a sum of their test results; and 
  • value all aspects of learning and endeavour, from the artistic to the literary, from the musical to the mathematical, from scientific questioning to engineering feats. All children have their strengths and it is up to us to foster and develop these into passions for life.