Learning at our school

At East Claydon we are committed to ensuring that our curriculum inspires and engages every child. Our curriculum planning is driven by children’s interests and they actively contribute to the planning process at the beginning of every new topic. 

All staff have high expectations for the children whilst recognising that each and every child is different. A wide variety of teaching strategies and techniques are used to enable children to learn effectively. These include individual, group and whole class teaching. We place a strong emphasis on first-hand experience and strive to make our lessons as immersive and interactive as possible. 

As a staff we are continually monitoring and evaluating our teaching strategies and results. Our policy documents and schemes of work are the result of collaborative discussion between all personnel involved in the education of our children, including the children themselves who contribute through the Junior Governors. 

Children’s progress is continually monitored and assessed through questioning, marking work and assessments two thirds of the way through each term. Every child has their own individual targets and progress towards these is reviewed with the children frequently. 

We have developed our shared vision for learning with pupils, parents, staff and Governors over the past year. Our process started with what we want our children to be like at the end of Early Years and at the end of Year 6, when they leave us to go to secondary school. This focus on the qualities and skills they will need has driven our curriculum review and long term plan. We have distilled this into four core curriculum drivers that are the foundation stone for all our planning. These are: 

  • Community – our community is an essential element in what makes our school special.  This driver should make sure that we are utilising the skills and expertise of our parent and wider community. We need to focus on the power of a strong community and how this can support individuals and help us all work towards a better world.  
  • Contribution – developing responsible citizens should be a core outcome of education. This driver should make sure that we understand the how individuals and groups can make a positive difference to the world – both their local community and globally. Our children should be able to make a difference now, through social action and charitable contribution.  
  • Spirituality – as a Church of England school, a goal of our curriculum is to develop our learners as reflective, thoughtful and empathetic members of society. This driver should make sure that we include opportunities for reflection on our beliefs and those of others, are able to develop our own internal dialogue and use this to improve our emotional well-being.  
  • Possibilities – as our children are growing up in a world of massive change, we need to prepare them for a future where they can use their skills in myriad ways throughout their lives. Our curriculum needs to open our children’s eyes to the world, raise their aspirations and make sure everyone feels that they can succeed and have something very special to offer the world. 

If you would like to find out more about our curriculum and approach, please look at the detail included in our pages on English, Mathematics,  and Expedition. You are also very welcome to come and discuss the curriculum with your child’s class teacher and come into school to see what we are doing.

Vision for learning statement Summer 2019